Sisyphus' Curse 2016

Created while on Samstag Scholarship at Art Center College of Design, Los Angeles.

Tracking chromatic gradients of intensity across the condo wastelands. Predator. 

Sisyphus’ Curse is a series of simple and reproducible plaster components cast to the likeness of an acoustic foam tile. The components are mounted to a 820mm x 530mm backing (6 per panel) to create a wall relief. These reliefs can then either be installed discreetly on the wall or butted together to create a larger panel. Casting is not limited to the number of panels presented and surplus is to be stacked on the floor.

My entry point to Sisyphus’ Curse was both an interest in the formal qualities of the acoustic foam (its proximity to the minimal art object) and as a tool for isolation through sensory reduction.

The cathartic repetition of casting each tile from a single original mold was also of significance to the project. The stacks on the ground show the surplus of a process which can exponentially grow until the mold decomposes. Sisyphus’ Curse stands in as an anachronistic zombie of minimalism.



James L Marshall  Sisyphus' Curse  2016 Plaster on timber  34 x 24 inches

James_L_Marshall_Sisyphus_Curse_3 James_L_Marshall_Sisyphus_Curse_4