Untitled Auras


Untitled Auras is an open ended series of Inkjet prints that map randomly generated gradient and colour fields. The series references a photographic technique discovered by Semyon Davidovich Kirlian in 1939 that arguably captures the human aura, energy fields and the point of astral disembodiment at the moment of death. While aesthetically aligned with Kirlian photography, the  Untitled Aura prints are abstract digital gradients created by computer and machine—void of human touch. These digital emanations are more relevant to a generation that is reliant on smart phones, laptops and online connectivity.


James L. Marshall Untitled (Aura) 1 + 2 2013 Inkjet print on archival paper behind tinted acrylic 890mm x 500mm x 100mm. Edition of 3 + AP.




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